Professional window tinting in the Steele Creek area of Charlotte.

Sun Stoppers West has been professionally installing window tinting in the Steele Creek area of Charlotte for the past decade. Our high quality window films from SunTek , Solar Guard and Johnson Window Films provide long-lasting performance. Our installers are well trained, so you won’t easily notice the film. We won’t leave bubbles or wrinkles on your windows.

Home Window Tinting in Steele CreekSun Stoppers Residential Window Tinting Steele Creek Charlotte

Whether you live in Berewick, Palisades, the Sanctuary or one of the many other developments in the Steele Creek area, Sun Stoppers West can help you with your sun problems. Our window tinting helps homeowners enjoy their homes more and protects furnitures, floors and curtains from the damaging rays of the sun.

Why do you need window tinting in your Steele Creek home?

  • Reduce heat coming in through your windows while letting light inside
  • Reduce the glare for more comfortable TV viewing, etc.
  • Protect valuable floors and furniture from damage from UV rays.

At Sun Stoppers West, we want you to be happy with your window tinting. That’s why we offer the Sun Stoppers Guarantee.

Commercial Window Tinting in Steel Creek

EyeCareCenterSteeleCreekWhether your business is located off South Tryon street or just a little off the beaten path, our commercial window tinting service can help you make visiting or working at your business more enjoyable. Over the years, we’ve tinted all types of commercial buildings in the Charlotte area, including in Steele Creek. Whether you need to cut down on the glare in a restaurant or stop the heat coming in through the office windows, we have solutions.

And Sun Stoppers West can help businesses with security and privacy. Our line of decorative films can provide additional privacy for glass walled offices, reception desks and more. If you are concerned about security at your business, we offer a full line of security films designed to make it more difficult for someone to break through your glass windows and doors.

Additional Sun Stopping Solutions

At Sun Stoppers, our goal is to make your home or business a better place to be. When the sun starts causing problems at your Rock Hill home or business, window tinting may need to be supplemented with roller shades or blinds. Fortunately, we can help you determine a complete solution to your sun protection needs.