Professional window tinting in Rock Hill, SC.

Sun Stoppers West has been professionally installing window tinting in Rock Hill, SC for the past decade. Our high quality window films from SunTek , Solar Guard and Johnson Window Films provide long-lasting performance. Our installers are well trained, so you won’t easily notice the film. We won’t leave bubbles or wrinkles on your windows.

Home Window Tinting in Rock Hill, SC

Window Tinting Example in Rock Hill, ScHome window tinting can help your Rock Hill house be a better, more comfortable place. With 212 days of sunshine each year, your windows are letting in a lot of heat and damaging ultraviolet radiation. If you have a lot of windows facing West, you know that the late afternoon and evening sun can make that part of the house uncomfortably warm and create a lot of glare. That sun is also causing damage to your hardwood floors and fading your furniture. Window tinting will protect your home from the heat and light from the sun.

If you live in one of Rock Hill’s many HOA neighborhoods, don’t worry. We’ve tinted in some of the most restrictive HOA’s in the area. Our line of non-reflective films stop heat and UV with very little change in window appearance.

Commercial Window Tinting in Rock Hill, SC

Rock Hill commercial window tinting example, Wil Plyler InsuranceWhether it is a small storefront or a large office building, sunlight can be your enemy in your Rock Hill workplace. Many offices have big beautiful windows that make employees uncomfortable all year round and push air conditioning costs up in summer. Stores and restaurants often suffer from the same problems. The windows that showcase what you have for sale make it uncomfortable for your customers and staff. And nothing turns away new customers quicker than feeling uncomfortable at your business.

We’ve completed many commercial window tinting jobs for Rock Hill, SC businesses over the years. We’ve rescued overheated office workers and kept them from taping folders over the windows. From Cherry Road to Dave Lyle Boulevard to Old Town Rock Hill, SunStoppers West can help your business present a more professional look and comfortable atmosphere. Our professional installers can help you determine the correct window film that will meet landlord or franchise approval and keep your customers and staff happy.

Additional Sun Stopping Solutions

At Sun Stoppers, our goal is to make your home or business a better place to be. When the sun starts causing problems at your Rock Hill home or business, window tinting may need to be supplemented with roller shades or blinds. Fortunately, we can help you determine a complete solution to your sun protection needs.