Professional window tinting in Gastonia and Gaston County, NC.

Sun Stoppers West has been professionally installing window tinting in Gastonia and nearby areas, like Belmont and Mount Holly for the past decade. Don’t try to tint your home or business windows yourself. We use only the highest quality window films from SunTek , Solar Guard and Johnson Window Films. Combined with precise installation from our experienced installers, these films provide significantly better performance than anything you could buy from your local hardware store and install yourself.

Home Window Tinting in Gastonia, NC

GastoniaPresever your view of the outdoors, while keeping the sun out. Gastonia averages 214 sunny days each year. That is a lot of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and heat entering through your windows every year. Depending on which direction your home faces, the sunlight could cause major problems with damage to hardwood floors, overly warm rooms and fading furniture. But you don’t want to make your house into a dark cave without any light coming in. That’s where window tinting is the best solution. Our high quality window tints block the damaging and heating rays of the sun, while allowing natural light into your home. Call us today to learn more about your window film choices and get a free estimate.


Commercial Window Tinting in Gastonia, NC


Window Film in Office BuildingIf you own or manage one of the 6,000 businesses located in Gastonia, then you know that keeping your customers and employees happy makes your business more successful. Whether your business is located in one of the main commercial areas along Franklin Boulevard, off Highway 321, or anywhere else in the city, you still need to keep your business comfortable. Our commercial window tinting service will help stop the unwanted solar radiation and glare that can make stores, restuarants and offices uncomfortable all year round. Don’t be know as the business with the folders taped to the windows. Solve your sun problem with tinting from Sun Stoppers West.

And we don’t just stop at helping businesses with the sun. We can provide privacy inside your modern glass walled office spaces without the hastle of having to open and close blinds.

Additional Sun Stopping Solutions

At Sun Stoppers, our goal is to make your home or business a better place to be. When the sun starts causing problems at your Gastonia home or business, window tinting may need to be supplemented with roller shades or blinds. Fortunately, we can help you determine a complete solution to your sun protection needs.