Home and Commercial Window Tinting in Fort Mill, SC.

Why choose Sun Stoppers West for your home or business window tinting needs in Fort Mill, SC?

  • Professional installation so you don’t have bubbles, poor fitting tint, etc.
  • High quality window films from SunTek , Solar Guard and Johnson Window Films provide long-lasting performance.
  • More than a decade of experience tinting Fort Mill homes.
  • Knowledge of what film will work best and what HOA’s will approve.

Home Window Tinting in Fort Mill, SC

Fort Mill Window Tinting in Progress - Sun Stoppers WestOur residential window tinting service will help protect your Fort Mill home from the damaging effects of the sun. Many of the newer neighborhoods in Fort Mill lack mature trees to shade your home during the hot summer afternoons, bright sun rises and glaring sunsets. Tinting your windows will protect the inside of your home from glare, damaging ultraviolet rays and excessive heat.

With 211 days of sunshine each year in Fort Mill, there’s not a lot of natural protection from the sun. Sun Stoppers West can provide the solution you need. We will come to your home, measure your windows, discuss the best choices in window films with you and provide a written estimate. And we provide our Sun Stoppers Guarantee with every job.

If you live in one of Fort Mill’s many HOA neighborhoods, don’t worry. We’ve tinted in some of the most restrictive HOA’s in the area. Our line of non-reflective films stop heat and UV with very little change in window appearance.

This is the second home I’ve had tinted by Sun Stoppers West. Having the windows tinted has helped reduce the afternoon temperature gain in the summer by about 3 degrees, which makes it a lot more comfortable upstairs. The windows look great inside and outside.

Tim KFort Mill Home Owner

Commercial Window Tinting in Fort Mill, SC


Fort Mill Commercial Window Tinting ExampleWhether your business is located in one of the many new commercial buildings along Highway 160 or Gold Hill Road, or in an older part of Fort Mill…you may still need our services. Many newer commercial buildings have been designed with lots of windows to let in light. The problem is that those windows also let in heat, damaging UV rays and glare. When your customers or employees are uncomfortable because of the sun, we provide solutions. Our professionally installed, high-quality window films help keep unwanted heat and glare out of your place of business. And window tinting protects your furniture, fixtures and flooring from fading, cracking and other effects of UV radiation.

Sun Stoppers West also offers privacy films for interior office spaces and security films to help keep your business protected.

Additional Sun Stopping Solutions

At Sun Stoppers, our goal is to make your home or business a better place to be. When the sun starts causing problems at your Fort Mill home or business, window tinting may need to be supplemented with roller shades or blinds. Fortunately, we can help you determine a complete solution to your sun protection needs.